It seems incredible that it has been 6 months since I launched my new business – it has been a very exciting time. 

Since starting I have been listing, on a monthly basis online, a small group of high quality middle to upper-end works, confidentially handling a number of private sales and I have also held my first annual exhibition of exceptional, top-tier artworks in association with William Mora at his superb gallery in Richmond – with resounding success.

With the exhibition now finished I can take a breath and look back at how my new venture has performed since January - I am thrilled with the results.

These results demonstrate that my business model is on the right track; that it is possible to offer a premium service, combined with expertise, while keeping costs down so that both buyers and sellers can engage more actively in the marketplace.

In the coming months I will reveal my plans to expand and improve these platforms, where you will continue to have access to exceptional works, backed with impeccable provenance and no added Buyer's Premium. The benefits of these improvements will passed directly on to my clients – so stay tuned.

In the meantime the New Works for July are now ready to view here.

If you have any feedback or enquiries I’d love to hear from you: 0421 122 023 or

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