As 2016 comes to an emphatic end, no one can be in any doubt that 2017 is going to be a very interesting and exciting year.  All eyes will be on global market movements over the next 12 months but it's safe to say that astute investing in objects of beauty, rarity and value will continue to be an enriching and rewarding experience.

Here are my top 5 posts that will help build your art collection in 2017:

1. Top 10 Most Collectable Australian Indigenous Artists
These are the top 10 Indigenous artists that I see as having huge potential as well as affording collectors the best opportunity for growth in the more

2. Flying under the radar: Discovering a Hidden Masterpiece
With the right knowledge and a lot of perseverance, finding hidden gems at auction can be a rewarding and often very profitable experience.  In this post I share some of my best tips and strategies to discovering important works that fly under the more

3. The Fastest Growing Market Sector Nobody Talks About
Private Sale offers a host of advantages to the collector and this method is becoming an increasingly appealing alternative to buying and selling through auction.  This post will outline how private sales might be right for more

4. Get Back to Basics: Collecting Indigenous Artefacts
Looking to get into a market that has shown solid growth and increasing demand?  Indigenous artefacts that are backed with a desirable provenance should be top of your list.  I outline the key considerations when collecting these beautiful and rare more

5. The Importance of Provenance
Traceable origins of an artwork have a huge impact on its value but are also integral for a confident marketplace.  Establishing provenance is particularly important for Indigenous artworks and in this post I take you through the process for each of the 3 Indigenous market segments: Contemporary, Modern and more

This year I will continue to write one blog post at the beginning of every month with valuable collecting tips and industry insights to help you on your collecting journey.

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