After battle-testing my 3-tiered platform for almost 12 months it’s time to take stock of what has worked and what can be improved so that I can continue providing you with the best possible service.

Here’s what has worked well:

Annual Exhibition – held in association with William Mora in June, featuring the most exceptional artworks available on the market.  I had a wonderful response from clients and colleagues about the quality and depth of the exhibition and printed catalogue and we sold over 70% by value over the four weeks. William and I will definitely be planning another collaboration for June 2017.

Private Sales – this growth area has kept my business very busy, with many clients preferring the discreet and targeted nature of such transactions. See this post on the increasing popularity and importance of Private Treaty Sales in the global art market.

Here’s what could use some refinement:

Monthly Listings – offering a regular listing of quality mid-level works was designed to provide you with the liquidity so lacking in the art market.  While the monthly listings have been an important platform for my business, they have been falling behind in comparison to the success of the private sales and annual exhibition, which only focus on the top-end.  

So I’ve decided to raise the bar.  In future I will focus my energy on bringing you only the finest quality pieces available - listed and exhibited on a quarterly basis.

By targeting my 3-tiered platform exclusively to the top-end I am able to provide you with the clarity of tightly curated selections and more personalised attention to help you build your collection.

The calendar highlight will still be the annual exhibition in June and each November I will present a special project or collaboration.  I will be announcing the planned project for November 2016 very soon, so watch this space.

The Listing/Exhibition dates for 2017 will be as follows:

March – Quarterly Listing
June – Annual Catalogue
September – Quarterly Listing  
November – Quarterly Listing/Special Project

In alignment with this restructure I now have a new space at the Kings Arcade on High Street in Armadale where you are invited to make an appointment to see the current listings available, to view works for Private Sale or simply for a catch up with good coffee and complimentary advice. 

I look forward to working with you.

Make an appointment here.

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EMILY KAME KNGWARREYE, circa 1910-1996
Wild Yam and Emu Food, 1990

New space at the Kings Arcade on High Street in Armadale

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