If you’re new to collecting Indigenous Australian art, you might find my ‘Best Practice’ guidelines helpful.

Getting correct and early buying advice is critical in sustaining your long-term interest and enthusiasm for collecting Australian Indigenous art.

I offer complimentary, tailored buying advice and together we form a strategy that suits your specific needs.

I can help you build an exciting collection through these buying platforms:

  • Exhibitions; in March, June and September each year I hold exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and New York featuring exceptional works of art illustrated in premium catalogues

  • Private Sales; where discretion may be necessary or timing an issue for the buyer or seller

  • Auctions; where acting as agent, I can advise and bid on your behalf, according to your collecting needs

If you’re thinking of buying Australian Indigenous art, contact me for confidential and obligation-free advice.


NAATA NUNGURRAYI, born 1932, Marrapinti, 2004

NAATA NUNGURRAYI, born 1932, Marrapinti, 2004