In June of each year I will curate a selling exhibition of the most significant works of art available. These works will also be illustrated in a premium catalogue and distributed to key collectors and institutions.

The Annual Catalogue will include only exceptional works of art that are backed by impeccable provenance. Each work will be thoroughly researched and catalogued by utilising the extensive expertise to which I have access. Any inclusion within this exclusive exhibition and catalogue will be at my discretion.

Each work will be advertised with a selling price. Once this advertised price has been agreed to by a buyer, the work is sold. Alternatively buyers can place a sealed bid below the advertised price and I will help facilitate negotiations with the highest bidder after the selling exhibition. This system will act as a kind of sealed bid auction, where the leading ‘bidder’ retains first right of negotiation.


Selected highlights from the forthcoming exhibition to be held at William Mora Galleries, Richmond, 3–30 June 2016