I work with people who are ready for an alternative to the high cost of buying and selling art through auction.

I help them find exceptional artworks with impeccable provenance and charge no Buyer's Premium for my services:

The three-tiered platform I have designed is based on years of experience buying and selling art on both sides of the market: as a specialist at several leading auction houses and as a collector and dealer.

Over the years it became clear to me that though there are many advantages to trading art through auction, the high cost of auction services - where both buyers and sellers pay a percentage fee per transaction - make it an increasingly unviable option from an investing point of view.

By handling only the most exceptional artworks available, charging a flat fee to the seller and no fee to the buyer, my platforms offer an attractive, low-cost alternative to auction.

You will benefit from the same high level of expertise expected from a top-tier auction house while ensuring your investment has the greatest potential for growth in the short and long term.

With the lower Australian dollar and pending legislative changes, the Australian art market and particularly the Australian Indigenous art market is beginning to enjoy a renewed but sustainable resurgence. It is an exciting time to be involved in this important industry.  For more insights on the current state of the Australian art market, check out my latest Art Market Insider Guide.

A little about my background...

For over 10 years I ran a successful art brokerage in which I discretely consigned many major works of art to auction and placed significant works into private and institutional collections.

In 2008 I was approached to join the Sotheby’s Aboriginal Art department and in 2010, I assumed the role of Head of Aboriginal Art at Sotheby’s Australia.  A highlight of my time with the top-tier auction house was consigning and cataloguing the highly-successful Anthony and Beverly Knight Collection of early Papunya Art in May 2013.

From 2013–2015, I assumed the role of Head of Australian Indigenous Art at Mossgreen Auctions, looking to help establish a viable department in the high-growth company. Mossgreen enjoyed immediate success, claiming leadership in the Australian Indigenous Art marketplace within the department’s first year.

I established D'Lan Davidson - Australian, Indigenous & International Art at the beginning of 2016.

In addition to offering buying and selling services, I offer collection management, curatorial and valuation services for private, corporate and institutional collections.

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I look forward to your contact.

D’Lan Davidson.