I believe the finest Australian Indigenous artworks can stand alongside the best art in the world. And with the world once again taking notice, now is a great time to be collecting.

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I hold annual exhibitions of exceptional Australian Indigenous art in Melbourne, Sydney and New York as well as private sales and tailored auction services.

Why buy and sell with me?

  • Unparalleled expertise

  • Flexible timing

  • Competitive rates

  • Database of top collectors

For many years I’ve been buying and selling art on both sides of the market - as a collector, dealer and a specialist at leading auction houses.

Over this time it has become clear to me that, though there are many advantages to trading art through auction, the high cost of auction services - where both buyers and sellers pay a percentage fee per transaction - is not in best interest of the collector. (Learn more about The Real Cost of Selling at Auction)

By handling only the most exceptional artworks available and charging a flat fee with no buyer’s premium, I offer an attractive alternative.

I also offer unparalleled experience and expertise, and with greater time and flexibility I am able to offer each client a higher level of individual service.  

I’ve developed a highly targeted database of the top buyers and sellers of Australian Indigenous art and find the greatest satisfaction in matching the right client to a specific artwork - having both buyer and seller happy with the end result.

I operate under strict ethical guidelines, exclusively handling artworks with a clear line of provenance that demonstrates the journey from the artist to the present day. This ensures that all artwork bought and sold through me has been ethically handled, the artist has been adequately recompensed and the market remains healthy and prosperous in the long term – all of which benefits artists and their communities. (Learn more about Best Practice for Collecting Australian Indigenous Art)

In line with these values, from January 2020 I am introducing a Voluntary Resale Royalty initiative. From this date, for artworks consigned through me that are not already captured under the current resale royalty scheme, the seller will have the option to include a voluntary resale royalty of 2.5%. And if the seller takes up that voluntary option - I will match it with another 2.5% which will come out of my retained commission on that sale - therefore 5% of the sale goes back to the artist.

Read about the reasons behind my initiative and how it will benefit artists and the overall market here.

If you're on the lookout for something specific, or have an exceptional Australian Indigenous artwork to sell - get in touch.

And be sure to join my complimentary Collector's List where you will get priority access to all works coming up for sale as well as an informative and insightful email on the first of each month designed to help you develop a thorough knowledge of the Australian Indigenous Art market.


M: + 61 (0) 421 122 023
E: dlan@dlandavidson.com.au


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Vanessa Merlino - Cataloguing & Research

Charlotte Stanes - Marketing Manager

D’Lan Davidson - Director

Rachal Jacobs - Events Manager (also my wife!)