CLIFFORD POSSUM TJAPALTJARRI (CIRCA 1932–2002)   Love Story  (1972)

Love Story

Private Sales are an increasingly important form of trade in the art market and I have successfully facilitated many significant transactions using this method to private, corporate and institutional collections.

There are several reasons why a private sale may be the best option for your artwork. These include:

  • Avoiding exposure of the artwork to the open market

  • Facilitating a transaction between buyer and seller where discretion is necessary

  • Being able to target a specific collector or institution

It is worth noting that most Australian institutions prefer to acquire works of art by private sale rather than buying through auction.

As Private Sales are conducted ‘behind closed doors’, integrity and trust are paramount.

I have built my career on giving clients honest and straightforward advice when it comes to this type of sale. I take great pride in being able to match and place an artwork with a particular collector and/or collection and help negotiate a successful transaction for both parties involved.

If you’d like to discuss selling your Australian Indigenous artwork by private sale, contact me for confidential and obligation-free advice.