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ROVER THOMAS , circa 1926-1998,  Kukatja, Wangkatjanka, Woolanguwa , 1989, 100 x 140cm,  SOLD BY NIAGARA GALLERIES FOR $300,000 AUD

ROVER THOMAS, circa 1926-1998, Kukatja, Wangkatjanka, Woolanguwa, 1989, 100 x 140cm, SOLD BY NIAGARA GALLERIES FOR $300,000 AUD

When news broke at Sydney Contemporary that Bill Nuttall at Niagara Galleries had just sold Rover Thomas’ Kukatja, Wangkatjanka/ Woolanguwa, reputedly for $300,000, there was a collective industry cheer. Not only is the stalwart dealer highly regarded and well-liked, but the important work was crisp, rewarding and thoroughly deserving of the result.

It also perfectly sums up the mood of the market over the last 6 months.

The demand this year, particularly internationally, has been steadily increasing in all segments of the Australian Indigenous art market. And I believe this is just the beginning of a more assured and consistent growth cycle. So let’s take a closer look...

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