Trust is where confidence is built. Confidence drives collecting passion, which in turn drives a successful marketplace.

I have built my career giving honest and straightforward advice and have gained respect through both my focussed discernment and curatorial approach.

From 1999–2009, I ran a successful art brokerage in which I discretely consigned many major works of art to auction and placed significant works into private and institutional collections.

In 2008, I was approached to join the Sotheby’s Aboriginal Art department and in 2010, I assumed the role of Head of Aboriginal Art at Sotheby’s Australia.

A highlight of my time with the top-tier auction house was consigning and cataloguing the highly-successful Anthony and Beverly Knight Collection of early Papunya Art in May 2013.

From 2013–2015, I assumed the role of Head of Australian Indigenous Art at Mossgreen Auctions, looking to help establish a viable department in the high-growth company. Mossgreen enjoyed immediate success, claiming leadership in the Australian Indigenous Art marketplace within the department’s first year.

With the lower Australian dollar and pending legislative changes, the Australian art market and particularly the Australian Indigenous art market is beginning to enjoy a renewed but sustainable resurgence. It is an exciting time to be involved in this important industry.

I aim to build long-term working relationships with clients, offering complimentary and clear advice. What pleases me the most is when collectors not only buy through me, but come back and successfully sell through me as well.

In addition to offering both buying and selling services, I offer collection management, curatorial and valuation services for private, corporate and institutional collections.

I look forward to your contact.

D’Lan Davidson.